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This practice’s fee structure is based on Discovery Classic Medical Aid tariffs, due to individual medical aids embarking on their own fee structures. Due to the complexity of medical service costing, and in line with the consumer protection act, we attempt to standardise our fees to Discovery Classic rates.

At this stage the practice has a contract with Discovery and Yebomed Medical aids.

Fee Structure:

Discovery & Yebomed


1st Consultation will be sent to the medical aid, including the extra procedures in the rooms.

If the medical funds are depleted, the practice’s cash price will be charged with the consultation, the patient will be liable to settle the account.


Discovery rates according to plan

No co-payment

Other Medical Aids


1st Consultation cash/card, a full statement will be supplied usually at least ½ can be claimed back from your medical aid, depending on their fee structure.

Extra procedures in room will be sent to medical aid, if funds depleted, patient will be liable to settle the account.


Medical aids have their own fee structure for theatre cases, therefore payments for theatre cases differ.

There will be a standard co-payment that will differ per procedure, to attempt to standardise fees to Discovery Classic tariffs.

cash Patients


1st Consultation: This will be the same amount as non Discovery medical aid patients and an extra amount will be charged for procedures in rooms.

Review: This amount is almost ½ of first consultation and will be charged if review is within 3 months of initial visit.


Quotations (E.N.T. / Anaesthetist / Hospital)

Possible extra room procedures:

0146 Unscheduled emergency

1019 Rigid nasal scope

1018 Flexible Laryngeal scope

2306 Microscopic ear work / wax removal

3258 Dix (roll manoeuvre)

0201 Material used

0202 Setting of sterile tray

1107 Drainage of tonsil abscess

1037 Cauterise epistaxis (nose bleeding)

1063 Removal foreign body nose

The patient and / or guarantor will ultimately be responsible for payment and will be informed of any short payments by the medical aid during the course of the account administration process.

Please note: It is your responsibility to check benefits, and obtain a referral and authorisation if required by your medical aid.

Please contact rooms for estimated amounts.